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By | December 8, 2022


Blood clots are physique’s pure mechanism to cease bleeding after an harm or minimize. They’re gel like clumps of blood and type when platelets, proteins, and cells within the blood stick collectively. Whereas clotting is a standard course of, it will probably flip harmful when the clot would not dissolve by itself. That is referred to as thrombus. Blood clots that type in arteries are referred to as arterial clots and may be critical. One of many side-effects of Covid-19 has been the rise in coagulability of blood which will increase danger of clot in arteries too which may increase coronary heart assault possibilities. (Additionally learn: Is Covid-19 vaccine causing increase in heart attack cases? Here’s what cardiologists say)

In accordance with a research on after-effects of Covid-19, individuals who bought contaminated with the virus have a better danger of harmful blood clots for near a yr later. Different research additionally agreed that Covid causes sharp improve in danger of blood clot-related points – together with coronary heart assault and stroke – instantly after prognosis in comparison with individuals who by no means had Covid-19.

A blood clot that develops in arteries known as arterial thrombosis and is harmful as it will probably cease the blood move to coronary heart or mind. If a blood clot blocks the arteries in coronary heart muscle, it might trigger coronary heart assault, whereas blockage in artery in mind may result in stroke.

If a blood clot blocks the arteries in heart muscle, it may cause heart attack, while blockage in artery in brain could lead to stroke.(Unsplash)
If a blood clot blocks the arteries in coronary heart muscle, it might trigger coronary heart assault, whereas blockage in artery in mind may result in stroke.(Unsplash)

“You would possibly get a clot in your arteries, which carry oxygen in your blood out of your coronary heart to all of the cells of your physique. The outcome may be actually critical. It may well maintain oxygen from attending to your coronary heart, lungs, or mind, and trigger a life-threatening emergency, like a coronary heart assault or stroke,” says wellness skilled and nutritionist Karishma Shah in her current Instagram publish.


Shah talks about signs of blood clot you shouldn’t ignore.

1. Pores and skin color

If a clot plugs up veins in your arms or legs, they could look bluish or reddish. You pores and skin additionally would possibly keep discoloured from the harm to blood vessels afterward. APE in your lung may make your pores and skin pale, bluish and clammy.

2. Swelling

When a clot slows or stops the move of blood, it will probably construct up within the vessel and make it swell. You can also have a clot in your arms or stomach. Even after it goes away, one in three folks nonetheless have swelling and typically ache and sores from harm to the blood vessels.

3. Ache

Sudden, intense chest ache may imply the clot has damaged off. Or it may very well be an indication {that a} clot in your artery gave you a coronary heart assault. If that’s the case, you additionally would possibly really feel ache in your arms, particularly within the left.

4. Bother respiratory

This can be a critical symptom. It may very well be signal that you’ve got a clot in your lung or your coronary heart. Your coronary heart may additionally race, or chances are you’ll really feel sweaty or faint.

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