Is Corn Good for Diabetes? A Detailed Information

By | November 6, 2022


Corn, be it roasted, curried, or fried with spices, is a staple in Indian households. Consuming boiled corn kernels in cups or just seasoning them with chilli, lime juice, and butter brings again nostalgic recollections. There isn’t a doubt that corn is a kitchen favorite, a really acquainted meals. Nevertheless, most individuals with diabetes draw back from corn attributable to its carbohydrate content material and candy style. So, is corn good or unhealthy for diabetes? Let’s discover out. 

Is Corn Diabetic Pleasant?

Individuals with diabetes typically have to contemplate whether or not or not they’ll eat a specific meals, the place the glycemic index and glycemic load change into deciding components. The Glycemic Index (GI) measures how rapidly sugar from any meals will get absorbed into your bloodstream. Glycemic Load (GL) signifies how a lot sugar from any meals will get absorbed into your bloodstream. 

Coming again to corn, it has low to reasonable GI and GL, relying on the range and the way you prepare dinner it. The GI of boiled corn is 52, making it a low-GI meals appropriate for folks with diabetes. Equally, candy corn has a reasonable glycemic load worth of 15 and a GI worth of 52. Subsequently, consuming corn carefully doesn’t trigger any unhealthy spike in your blood sugar ranges. 

Each 100 grams of candy corn presents 19 grams of carbohydrates, 3.2 grams of proteins, and 1.18 grams of fats, which is usually a wholesome addition to your diabetes eating regimen in reasonable portions. Additional, a study says that people with insulin resistance considerably improved their gastrointestinal well being and glycemic response after consuming corn. 

The query stays, can corn elevate your blood sugar? The brief reply is sure. An excessive amount of corn raises blood sugar to a sure extent as a result of it’s nonetheless a starchy meals group. At all times keep on with the optimum portion measurement for those who plan to make use of corn or its varieties as a diabetic snack. In the end, you possibly can add reasonable portions of corn to your meals with no guilt. Nevertheless, keep away from consuming it when you have a corn allergy. 

The HealthifyMe Notice 

Corn’s glycemic index and glycemic load don’t trigger any important blood glucose spikes. Nevertheless, candy corn has a excessive degree of pure carbs or sugar, so an individual with diabetes ought to have it in reasonable portions. One of the simplest ways to eat corn is uncooked or with stews, salads, toppings, and soups. Making ready wholesome servings of corn is the important thing to diabetes administration.

Advantages of Corn for Diabetics

  • Corn accommodates nutritional vitamins B1, B3, and B6. These B complicated nutritional vitamins are important for turning meals into power and conserving your mind, immune and nervous system wholesome.
  • The low-fat nature of corn works for folks with diabetes., Plain corn being a low-fat meals, doesn’t enhance ldl cholesterol and doesn’t hurt the guts as effectively.
  • The starch in candy corn causes sluggish digestion and prevents the quick rise in blood sugar ranges.
  • Air-popping corn kernels with out oil make a high-fibre, low-calorie snack good for diabetes.

Tips on how to Eat Corn if You Have Diabetes

When you’ve got diabetes, you might already observe the meals you eat or comply with a particular eating regimen. If not, attempt the plate technique. Fill a moderate-sized plate with sections of various sorts of meals. For instance, put corn within the part for starchy greens. Add corn with out different fat, like butter or salt. However be at liberty so as to add as a lot basil or coriander as you want and a sprinkle of olive oil. Make certain to fill a lot of the different sections of your plate with non-starchy greens, that are low in carbohydrates. Fill the final part with lean proteins, that are low in fats and more healthy.

You possibly can eat some corn alongside your salad, both with uncooked greens or some boiled ones. To make it even higher to your well being, add some greens to the pan you’ll use to boil your corn. It’s going to make the meal extra healthful whereas lowering the GI of the corn on the identical time!

Plain popcorn is 100% unprocessed corn with a wholesome quantity of plant fibre. Nevertheless, don’t eat greater than two servings or 30 Cal of plain popcorn directly. Consuming air-popped corn with out including further butter, cheese, caramel, oils, or different taste-enhancers is greatest. Not following the proper preparation methods could cause excessive blood sugar ranges. 

Since candy corn accommodates a reasonable quantity of carbohydrates, it’s greatest to eat them when the physique’s power demand is at its peak. You possibly can get pleasure from candy corn in its uncooked kind as a snack or add them to stews, soups, curries, and salads after boiling. 

Contemporary, Frozen, Or Canned Corn?

Nothing beats consuming preservative-free, recent corn when it’s in season. Canned and frozen corn are good alternate options when recent corn is just not out there or is just not in season. Nevertheless, guarantee to decide on low-sodium choices. Or, discard the liquid in canned corn and rinse it to minimise the sodium content material. As well as, learn the vitamin label to test the variety of carbohydrates per serving for those who restrict carbohydrates to handle your blood glucose.


Protecting blood glucose inside goal ranges is important, so eat carefully no matter which corn you eat. Within the case of over-consumption of corn, it could actually result in a fast rise in blood sugar ranges. Nevertheless, the reasonable glycemic response of corn means its capability to extend blood sugar is someplace in between. Subsequently, take note of the serving measurement.

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